have surely been to all sorts of doctors’ offices where the doctor in question is stuffy and quick to head you off to his nurses and other staff. Or perhaps the doctor has a pleasant personality, but the organization in his office is so poor that it takes over an hour for him to actually come back and see you after you have come in, even though the staff asked her to come 15 minutes early. Or perhaps the office is just so stale and beached-white that it is dreary to look at. None of these problems are applicable in the office of the Top Tulsa Chiropractor, Dr. Breck Kasbaum.

As a Top Tulsa Chiropractor, Dr. Breck is committed to making sure that you receive the highest quality of care possible. He puts your needs first and front of his own, going so far as to make major changes in his organization and administration so that you can get service more quickly than you could at any other doctor’s office. He has cut out all the fluff and the redundancies in organizations so that it is possible for you to get an appointment taken care of during your lunch hour and still have enough time to eat lunch before you have to get back to work. He also wants to make certain that his staff treats you with kindness and respect, as his values are service, respect for everyone, honesty, and education. He will make certain that everything is clear to you and that you are treated as a valued individual just as a customer that can provide a profit for the company.

Dr. Breck is also the Top Tulsa Chiropractor because of the amazing cuts in price that he offers to his clients. He and his staff have worked as hard as they possibly could to ensure that costs per visit are as low as possible and that nearly all insurances are accepted as at his office. In addition to all this, he offers every patient their first exam, x-ray, and adjustment for free. That is an amazing deal. An entire appointment for free. These are just some of the ways that Dr. Breck works to make the process as easy as possible for you.

No matter what sort of pains you are dealing with, whether it be back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, rib pain, etc., Dr. Breck is more than willing to help. His care also helps with sports injuries, carpal tunnel problems, migraines, sports injuries, and so much more. No matter what sort of ailment you’re dealing with, a visit to Dr. Breck is worth it.

If you’re ready to schedule that first free appointment, just give Dr. Breck’s office a call at 918-494-2698 or visit his website, drbreck.com. His office is located at 5401 S. Sheridan Rd. #105, where you can feel free to come in for a drop-in appointment, if you like. Dr. Breck is looking forward to serving you.

Top Tulsa Chiropractor | Relief For All Sorts Of Pain

Have you heard about the amazing variety of problems that chiropractic care can help with? It’s true; taking care of your spine and its alignment has impact on pain that you may feel all throughout your body, from your shoulders to your hips to your wrists to your head. If the spine is it in the right place, nothing is in the right place. That is why Dr. Breck Kasbaum, the Top Tulsa Chiropractor, has done all you can to make his services available to you, no matter what sort of budget for financial situation you are working with.

When you come in for an appointment with Dr. Breck, the Top Tulsa Chiropractor, you can expect to be treated with respect and kindness. From the moment you enter, you will be greeted with a smile and be treated like a valued patient. Dr. Breck will lead you in a consultation, give you x-rays, the due and passive therapy on the roller table, give any affected muscles some mild electrical stimulation, and lead you in stretching and exercising for your spine. All of these are simple and nonthreatening so that you do not have to worry or stress out about your appointment. In fact, the process causes your body to naturally release endorphins and enkephalins, which will make you feel great as they process continues. Dr. Breck is committed to making sure that the environments that he establishes in his office is both aesthetically appealing and sanitary. There will be no worries about dirty work areas or messy spaces. Additionally, the atmosphere is inviting and warm so that you will be able to feel relaxed and, as you go through your appointment. The staff will also always treat you with respect kindness, helping you to feel comfortable and at ease as your preparing to meet with Dr. Breck, who is a very friendly and kind man himself.

Dr. Breck, the Top Tulsa Chiropractor, also makes sure that he gives clear follow-up instructions and communicates well with his patients. He’ll make sure to diligently follow up with all of his patients and give them clear instructions so that they can know exactly what to do after their appointment and can easily schedule follow-up appointments.

You will be amazed by the wide variety of benefits that you can find from chiropractic care. Whether you are dealing with back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, sports injuries, headaches and migraines, sinus troubles, carpal tunnel problems, sciatica, allergies, indigestion, heartburn, colic, plantar fasciitis, numbness, rib issues, or so much more, Dr. Breck is able to help relieve the pain and discomfort that you may be feeling.

Dr. Breck offers a free first exam, x-ray, and adjustment session with any perspective customer. If you would like to take advantage of this amazing offer, but just give the office a call at 918-494-2698 or visit the website, drbreck.com. You can also come in for a drop-in appointment by just showing up at the office during business hours. The office is located at’s 5401 S. Sheridan Rd. #105.