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Whatever it is you need to get it. Our Monday hours are Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday and as well as Tuesday we’re close on Sunday. Hours of operation on Monday are from 9 AM to noon and then from 230 in the afternoon to 6 PM in the evening as well as Tuesday 230 in the evening to 6 PM in evening. For open Wednesday from 9 AM to noon and then to 30 to 6 PM and Thursday 9 AM to noon and then to 30 to 6 PM. And on Fridays from 9 AM to 11 AM and Saturdays and Sundays we are closed. Have a questions or maybe want to schedule a morning afternoon appointment that your time as well as being a picture budget calls for more information or happy to help.

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Get in touch with us today to be able to get in touch with the top Tulsa chiropractor by the name of Dr. Brack Kasbaum Chiropractor. We do expect that we do accept a lot of insurance providers like Blue Cross and Blue Shield global health community care Medicaid health choice preferred community choice PPO was at Aetna. So call us if you have any questions you can also find us at 5401 S. Sheridan Rd., Tulsa, 74145. To serve the Tulsa Metro area to the best of our ability and also being able to help our community be free of pain.

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