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That’s what I do now on top of my find the best Tulsa Chiropractor on top of the father and a husband and a friend a coach, and I love it and what coach does there Dr Brecks much busier than I am much more successful but you think about this. I use this analogy the other day. You may want basketball because we have been her best to write Dr Breck Westbrook are usually one of the best players in the NBA to so Dr Breck gets all the accolades he makes all the money he sees out there doing it because coach and what the coach does.

He pulls the very best out of Dr Breck it until find the best Tulsa Chiropractor what to do. He pulls the PCs the potential he sees the skill he sees what Dr Breck can do Dr Breck is the best, what you can be any allow that. And that’s what a good coach does. That’s right, I can see the potential of people I’ve done it thousands and thousands of time, but I’ve got to do something for you guys you guys want to be successful right that’s what you come so let us talk about from it. Let’s get the greatest result think about this would want to run their practice by doing getting the best results.

have the best results with chiropractic patients getting well making the most money working less hours doing less work. Who wants to five of helping you find them you do this to you is my goal for every chiropractic office that I work with. Here’s my goal. Find the best Tulsa Chiropractor than a week working three days a week. No less than half the dollar collection. Everyone should be averaged a visit plus now maybe I hear that you that’s really low for us. Everybody’s different.

I know chiropractors in week find the best Tulsa Chiropractor and we drafted a visit. I know Dr Brecks in the thousand week average a visit doesn’t make any them. Since we do not devalue the value what we do is profession so I’m looking at nationally nationwide. I think that there’s no reason at all that you should at least average visit my uncle averaged a visit years ago. If we were actually keeping up with inflation. We should be charging a visit right we can charge people we can’t ask them for money really is for MRI in the right check like that.

If the things that you’re looking for some at something you’re wanting to do we are really sure how to get started need to pick up the phone and call us because were gonna be happy to partner with you throughout this process that you don’t have to worry about what is going be happening we’re going to be able to do in order to see the success that you’re wanting to see the sooner you call sub the sooner you can be able to get Dr. Breck working in your back so if you want to find the best Tulsa Chiropractor you need to call us up 918-494-2698 online to

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That’s not a problem with my find the best Tulsa Chiropractor She’s in her group. Her little boy fell like feet out the closet this last year fractured his skull fractured his skull. They took him to the opposite to the hospital they did absolutely nothing they’ve administered nothing they did nothing they didn’t touch them. They just looked at him, but they they took an x-ray found the fracture did nothing , and were afraid to charge a visit for a life-changing adjustment you can tell me we don’t change lives can tell me the same as I told you about two of I had a baby that a call at and were talking about a miserable streaming upset, sick baby.

She came in and she was rigid. Her body was in a contract and she’d been away for three solid days also the only time she sleeps. This is what she passes out from the pain and as she wakes back up to Starscream again in a colic technique that I do not trust her work is bidding this baby was screaming and screaming. She’s a little bit them find the best Tulsa Chiropractor in her home. Her fingers were curled her legs were curled I it it broke my heart to look at all never outnumbered get the image of my mind of this baby.

I worked really sick of them. I finally got a hold of it and when it released that baby dropped her arms and body went limp. She does later had over one sleep. Mom is sitting right there to cherish you to start bawling. I’ll take that was a Wednesday, Monday, she comes back in the baby took the baby that comes in is whether I’d met find the best Tulsa Chiropractor in because it is quite a systems exam and dismissive. He says now I just a baby so she’s fine soon two weeks. Mom said this child has filled multiple diapers where she was going at all to quit spitting up, she slept. She has not tried once since that makes me so happy they walked out. Dad walks out.

He steps out the steps back any short story reaches of the grabs I’m a hugger I’m a lover, but strange bankruptcy and he pulled me back. He said I need to tell you something about save your marriage we were divorcing. We had slept we we were screaming at each other. We were at the end of the rope we couldn’t do it anymore. We’ve got a full night sleep and we woke up the next morning we look at each other and went, what are we doing choosing you save our marriage chiropractic save that marriage.

The something something you’re wanting to take care. But you want to move forward with what you have to offer you need to call sub today and let us see how we can help you out. All the different options we have for you going be options a you’re gonna love in your gonna be to get Dr. Breck on your phone again and see everything that you can be able to do in order to see results. Pick up the phone if you want to learn more back on the Dr. Breck phone number or going online to Dr. Breck website for 918-494-2698