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I get Find the best Tulsa Chiropractor so I get my first bonus for us and she was like muscle to Dr Breck like , to me today right on the next month. He added the to the overhead point of a settlement with my overhead. I do pay you. This is a contract that was due with needless to say I moved on got another job and what this other job was a PI clinic and all I was was adjusting to what they were doing was illegally getting the accident reports calling the metal system set up soon. Amanda’s attorney.

This chiropractor was working together.Find the best Tulsa Chiropractor I was adjusting and what they were doing. It was her building is big practice I was seeing all these patients in his clinic with Mike and all this money, they were painting , a year and back then we were doing good with our first house hundred . We’re proud we but as it had to fix it but it was still body right is what they were gonna do it will sell it to me this thing was as was collecting a ton of money they were gonna sell it to me , but the thing was they had an accountant.

They got become friends with my CA’s and told her please let Dr Breck Find the best Tulsa Chiropractor know as soon as he buys this there pulling all the PIs he’s left with nothing there set them up by the grace of listen to this, a great friend. My Skype article. This is a out of the blue I need you to come to a meeting Scott. I can’t afford to go Chicago. I’ll pay off and get your flight. I will pay for everything else you were there were so I told my someone you care about I went home and I said I need to go to this.

I don’t know what it is and why is it something is tell me I need to go so she wrote all the bills of that month, but she didn’t sign the checks we sent him. She does forgot to sign in order for us to for the plaintiff go Chicago is starting pay for everything I came back home from that meeting is finally someone said look do it this way, do it this way in a and then he does like recommend to music you can do this we we can help and I came home and I told my someone you care about is sitting on were going were going and so we opened her own practice and we took off. Now what was crazy was the first year in our own practice.

We can’t wait to be here to be your number one place to go so if you’re wanting to schedule your first reexam x-ray and adjustment needed come into Dr. Breck today and let us show you exactly we can do. The number to call to do that is can be 918-494-2698 and whenever you call that you can be so happy you did. You can also go online to you want to learn as much possible.

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We did , second year we did Find the best Tulsa Chiropractor were there was and I’ve not been hundred million since the wrong it’s not about the money, but are you guys not here to become more successful night so I want you to understand that I got there and I didn’t was interesting was when we started doing pretty good and I started inviting Dr Brecks to my house to try to help him. This is his back when I was just trying to help. This is the best chiropractor in town years ago, one of the Dr Brecks I went to school with.

She she went told another Dr Breck. She said she would her house and she said she must somebody must’ve left him money in his family that I knew him in school he could’ve done this is when my favorite story that was hilarious to see you they did know me in school to fuel the music will you be going really soon so through the years of helping and coaching and is Find the best Tulsa Chiropractor working with Dr Brecks with a passion for people ñ of my practice. I built my practice. A group of practice and provide for my family just really learned a lot and I had the opportunity to speak here speak there and now have the opportunity speak worldwide.

In fact next Thursday only. I’m everywhere and I’m working with students and work with Dr Brecks and some of the so my close friends thought that you become great friends with him is because certain Job Oreo casino you made me as members of these names. We can’t wait to partner with you throughout this thing make sure that you’re going great The reason I bring is names that were talking about clinics to see if thousand a week. Job, Job Oreo seen for today for years and I’ve learned from these guys I’ve learned.

I’ve learned how they do their systems and I Find the best Tulsa Chiropractor cannot take all that I’ve learned and then I pulled it down because I’m just my sweet, I never got the drink beer and talk to. I like Ohio and in you know and I’ve never I’ve never stopped trying to learn right in. I get asked this a lot where you get your passion. Howdy, how you keep putting on burnout. How do you not get tired of chiropractic is quite honestly I I do the same thing you do everyday man I I’m worn out with spent a lot of time with this because you know you when you get answered questions I want to be what I want to give a clichÈ answer.

If you’re not really sure where to go from here and you want to get started with us today and you want make sure that were gonna be able to help you out and find you the results like never before in your body is going to be amazing. Each muscle stimulation working in a way that is going to benefit you then you need to call sub and let’s you we can offer you the number you gonna cause can be 918-494-2698 we can go online to