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It was actually best Tulsa Chiropractor and his years and you know like I said yes I’ve been having a days I’ve seen a lot of patients hundred plus the patient’s mother I’ve is this is how people get well three times a week for eight weeks. The deal is after he made the adjustment you changed their state and through the entire report of findings your patients are doing this. There are agreeing with you the whole time they they just told you I understand. Yes you’re right so that they go out talk to the girls there already.

They feel good. They understand they agreed to it. The girls all in the USAÖ Young. I know I need to see you see three times a week for eight weeks once weeks of its gonna be this much I the one handling international painful allocated this. I’ll be honest like our cash patients ON patient have Dr Brecks paying cash. Will we personally will do his will say look, if you want to pay. This article will give you best Tulsa Chiropractor discount and a because, what bucks whatever is so with that, but they love those pillows.

No one says no you guys is not about numbers. Please understand this but a little bit in kind. It is everybody wants not about the money really the giveaway giveaway. Don’t do it for free your spouse to be very happy with it is about the money. It is about the numbers that you have to get paid for what you do and I will tell you last year, I worked less hours you ever have I best Tulsa Chiropractor I miss my . I want to see that one free so bad I just did get a lot of money for a hillbilly chiropractor that just adjust about three days a week.

Here’s the reason I’m here. I can help you do the exact same thing if you want. If you want, and I’m not one of those guys. This is listen, here’s who I am. This is what I used to do this is what I want you to do this system that I’m here to tell you guys about this foundation system you get online and you watch the video and you see me do it with a patient and you want to shake their head you see my CA’s collect you watch me adjust patients minutes to see if you want to is real time made up is the most transparent, honest coaching program that there is if you’re in a group razor.

Go and do you agree with me now this is what the funny thing is I have had I’ve had people call me first by calling seven best to do what you doing your children’s this thing is most coaching groups are like what a month is that a lot of of our. Pick up the phone and call us up and let us show you what we can do by picking up the phone and dialing the Dr. Breck phone number or going online to the Dr. Breck website is going to be 918-494-2698 and