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So Best Tulsa Chiropractor I went back through and is a great I don’t know and I don’t even know why I said this I had no basis. I had no knowledge. I had no you just came out for something wrong with the kidney. That’s where backers she’s as loving the VA they run every test under the book go back until around some more. I saw I don’t know what else to tell you she came back in the next week and she said I got take something they run more tests, and they found a rare bacterial strain that was in my kidney and don’t the right abiotic.

It is going great and back the school all these years later and all the ghosts of seeing and all the studying about it, but I’ve studied I look back at those moments and Best Tulsa Chiropractor the things that I felt these are experienced and there’s only one explanation to this is only one we have it in a a connection with everybody we can contact in touch we all have together. listen to this said this is what’s going on to explain in what that’s why I’m so passionate about this. That’s why we take x-rays because were using our listen to this-given intelligent brains to look at the spine and find out where the greatest stress.

as to what you guys are doing is I want you all to start looking for cervical all your lateral circle legacy five star look at all of in your gonna find out the number one most commonly stressed bone in the spine look at the anterior aspect of the vertebral body see five in your gonna sourcing bone spurs are associate Best Tulsa Chiropractor three is beautiful and anterior rounded before searching see by the success of the Bosporus. Why else would raise stresses. That’s what we take x-ray and I get in and what I did was at the foundation system.

I put it on the video there’s nothing written. I show you I go over different x-rays at office in ice. This is what I see this is what I’m looking at this is why adjusting here all the way throughÖ Practice years ago went to will like it will will will went from week to week just by looking x-rays and an adjustment shown weeks is the owner showed take your x-rays to understand what it is you’re looking at an x-ray make sure that when you look at an x-ray you see the greatest amount of stress.

At the end it is a something you’re wanting take advantage of in early sure how to get started with you need to call sub and let’s you were gonna be able to help you find because when you’re seen want to use. You can be blown with the options we can present you all the different things were able to do be able to you’re wanting to make sure that you’re finding in your gonna discover that the end the day nobody’s can help you Best Tulsa Chiropractor like weekend so good. Dr. Breck on the phone a call and 918-494-2698 go online to

best Tulsa Chiropractor | working to make sure that you see results of it to

Find the best Tulsa Chiropractor because of that is an area of stress and is probably the area of a lack of motion and was our job to restore the motion back in a joint do the least get the most result that make sense to you guys now there’s foundations and I will probably take a personal philosophy the guys are in a group will probably to the same thing. The third one is connection and I think that’s probably the most powerful because you guys want to know how to build a practice and be a job for talking about this on the way here.

Everybody wants to do systems. Find the best Tulsa Chiropractor They want scripts anyone or to stand and in a one-to-one all the stuff and all you have to do is connect just your patients. The what, what you do for me going great day Simon look your patient in the eye be present when they’re there. Smile out of let them know you care about them give a great adjustment and open the door see one here have a young were glasses that have glass cleaner you when we get ready. I’m getting ready to give you all Dr Brecks you guys want to new patients next month.

The rest this month you want to the find the best Tulsa Chiropractor you can do this to process requests so you come in and you got an adjustment you like your glasses right. I just that you I helped you up and I want to show you is a site is a whole system of you make an adjustment how you do it how you connect with the patient. The adjustment is % of the other person is connection to help her up in a little walk over and I might have is my pocket, walk over and I’m going to clean your glasses, so you what a way to do what you see, what a beautiful day here to read have seen out since the master question how that make you feel now talk about the environment in the office you want your patients to feel important, less support.

Created phone Here’s the thing. This is very very important and Alan thing you and I had this conversation don’t do that as a gimmick is not a gimmick is not is not a script to get any patient you do it because you generally here about another human being. You generally want them to have a beautiful day. You want to do something for them to improve the quality of life right. That’s why you do these things. I was at a meeting last year and it was a meeting of the with a call the top coaches in and practices of in the article profession.

If this on the some the you’re wanting to take advantage of the you need to call us up and let us you options we have because at the end they were gonna be able to help you out and show you things that you need to know how you can be able to get started with these things pick up the phone and call 918-494-2698 go online to